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Our 3 step program is specifically designed to jump-start professional growth, our Individual Professional Development Plans are for people who want to identify the skills they need to excel professionally. Our exploration method will take you into a discovery journey of yourself.

Step 1

Online Assessment

To begin, a participant completes an online assessment that enables us to understand his or her learning style, preferred communication style, motivators, and competencies.  From this assessment, an individual’s behaviours, motivators, and blind spots become clear.

Step 2


Next, the individual participates in a follow-up conversation with a leadership coach to debrief the assessment – his/her behaviours, motivators, streghts and blind spots – to create self awarenes and clarify all points of the report.

Step 3


Coaching Conversations to discuss personal and professional role-specific goals that will guide the participant toward the next level of his/her personal and professional success.

Online or in person

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Are you searching for a job and you do not know in which career(s) you will be happer and fulfill your mission?   

Career Search

We can help you to focus your search in careers and jobs that are made for you. Which company culture is the one where you can fit perfectly.

Burn Outs

Are you burn out in your job? You think you are out of place?  and you do not know the real reasons? Are you frustrated in your current position? 

Culture and Leadership

Have you got problems with the team? with your leadership style? Do you know how to communicate with them? Have you got problems with or being a millenial?


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TriMetrix® EQ

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Driving Forces


Frequently Ask Questions

Here’s what you can learn from your Assessments.

Engaging with your peers and colleagues  in a mindful and conscientious way increases not only your morale, but the moral of those around you. Your assessment will include a checklist on how you can more effectively communicate with others, as well as tips on how to communicate with various types of people you may encounter.

See the top driving forces, or the motivations, behind your decisions. You will be provided with the top driving forces in three different categories: primary, situational, and indifferent, with a thorough analysis of each.

Knowing your emotional intelligence is only half of the equation, you also need to know how to utilize this knowledge. Hone in on your emotional intelligence, and understand how it interferes with everyday life, and how to blend it with your behavioral style and driving forces with helpful tips and infographics for various situations.

They say hindsight is 20-20, but what if you could make better decisions in both your work life and personal life with an in-depth understanding of what motivates you to make those tough decisions. With this assessment you will gain insight into how to merge your behaviors and driving forces to allow for better decision-making

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