Human Resources

The world is changing, and so is the way we work

How do you know if you have the right people with the right skills?

The risk of hiring a bad employee can be minimized with a sound recruitment and selection process. Recruiting and selecting the right employee for a position is one of the key factors for the long-term benefit of your company

Assessment based solutions for selecting, developing and managing people.

Reveal, commit & develop your people’s talent to generate higher productivity and a superb performance. 


The TTI Succes Insights patented job benchmarking process & cutting edge assessments help discover the right talent to drive organisational & personal excellence.


The assessments are designed to engage people at the deepest level. With 5 Sciences of Performance, we provide deeper level insights.


The assessments allows us and our partners to utilise deeper insight to help individuals & organisations advance to higher levels of engagement, satisfaction & effectiveness.


With all the gathered knowledge  we can really help individuals & organisations perform at their best by understanding, training & applying the unique talents they possess.

Online or In-company

Developing excellence

 HR can help deliver organizational excellence, helping individuals & organisations perform at their best.

Job Benchmarking

The job benchmarking process identifies the traits and qualities that are most important to success in a particular job.

Recruitment & Selection

Assessment tools to help you identify which candidates have the best compatibility for a given job as well as the company culture.

Training & Mentoring

To allow team members to understand each other’s work preferences.


that help you to recruit and develop valuable people




Professional tools

to make the best recruiting & training decisions!

Human Resources

If a job could talk, it would tell us exactly what sort of person it required for superior performance. Because jobs can’t talk, we’ve had to find other ways to work out what’s important. And this where we can help you.

Assessment tools help to identify which candidates have the best compatibility for a given job as well as the company culture. These tools can provide the hiring manager with unbiased information that would otherwise not be available through conventional interview measures.

An induction program is a critical component of engaging and retaining great people within an organisation and we can help you with your induction programs.

Employee engagement concerns the degree of emotional commitment that an employee has to their job and the organisation as a whole. Engaged employees “go the extra mile” for their company, their colleagues and their customers, while disengaged employees do the bare minimum.

Succession planning is a process for identifying and developing internal people with the potential to fill key business leadership positions in the company.

Workforce transition is about helping people to move to the next stage in their career, which can include the transfer of an employee to another job within the same organisation (re-deployment), or helping former employees transition to new jobs elsewhere (outplacement).

The role of competency models in organisational design has become extremely significant. In fact, as the war for talent continues to rage, many organisations have come to view competencies as foundational to effective talent management.

Conflict in the workplace just seems to be a fact of life. When groups of people come together from different backgrounds and cultures, it’s inevitable that there will be misunderstands, differences of opinions, and “personality conflicts.”

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