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Talent Management is critical to the success of every organisation and we can help you succeed with your organization’s strategy related to the attraction, recruitment, retention, and development of people.

Are you burn out in your actual position? Are you looking for your dream job or career? We can help you!

Struggling with your talent attraction, recruitment, retention or development?  Grow and maintain your workforce!

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We Connect the right candidates With Your Business Key Positions

Talent Management is more than just finding and keeping talented people. It’s finding and keeping people who fit with and contribute to your particular organisation’s culture and business goals. People whose values are aligned with your company’s values so that they are motivated to deliver outstanding performance in the organisation.

Some of our Services

What We Do For You

Want to assemble a team with the right mix of talent? 

Online Assessments

Our TTI Success Insights assessments are available in English, Spanish, German, French, Hungarian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Chinese, Turkish, Russian and Swedish. 

Job Bechmarking

A proven process for capturing the DNA of the job to subsequently evaluate the attributes of the prospective candidates from either inside or outside of the organization. 

Career Development

Clarify job expectations, discovering reasons for inner conflict, discovering stress experienced in past or present jobs, and perception of the “ideal job.”

Talent Coaching

By identifying the key attributes and skills needed to take the next step, you can design coaching and development needed to develop these attributes.

Goal Settings

Knowing the role-specific goals that will guide the participant toward the next level of their professional success.


Educate about specific skills and behaviors that enhance performance. Experiential learning in company or on-line.

Developing Excellence

"People who feel good about themselves and know how to relate to others produce great results"

We have the best ingredients, we know the right mix for you and we know you would love the results and will come back for more.

Easy step by step approach

Simple, efficient & effective.

Framework Methodology

Success methodology for talent development

Long term solution

We talk the walk & walk the talk. 


What People Say

The TTI SI assessment results really validate and put in black and white employees’ strengths and areas for improvement. This is a valuable tool all companies can benefit from. It’s that powerful.The most valuable piece for us was better understanding the unique characteristics of our colleagues and managers, and why they approach their work in the manner in which they do. It has helped make dramatic improvements in having employees better excel and understand one another.”
Caitlyn Fitzgerald
Director of Sales, TrackMaven
“I recently did the Tri Metrix EQ survey with Coexplora and Pedro gave me a great and extensive debrief. I can say, that even being a coach and business trainer myself and having done many several other reports and analyses before, this is an excellent tool in opening one’s eyes on who you really are what is really driving you. If I had done this report earlier, I would have had a much easier path in finding out what really are the things I like to do in life. I can really recommend this tool to be used in coaching session and team development events."
Helene Morris

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